Dr. Jo Kozuma

Dr. Jo Kozuma

Dr. Jo Kozuma

Making International Connections Through Strategic Partnerships

Jo Kozuma, PhD

One of the main elements of recent internationalization in higher education has been the growth of international collaboration in research, publication, and academic learning. U.S. universities will often implement a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with universities overseas as a signed commitment from both universities to work together in a specific way.

Although MOU are generally the first step universities take to create effective partnerships for faculty and student exchanges, many are not aware that can also be designed with specific activities and objectives in mind, namely professional development for educators.

Many educators from abroad come to the U.S. hoping to be involved in professional learning activities by enrolling in teacher preparation or certification programs. This can be costly and requires time and commitment by the teachers.

Having effective professional learning program either in the home country or the host country will encourage teachers to not only take responsibility of their own learning; but will also guide schools and teachers to become more effective.

For a personalized program that will meet the needs of the teachers, establishing a partnership with an American university is an optional path to take. This presentation will discuss the possibilities of creating professional learning programs through cooperative agreement affiliations.